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Mystic Pictures was formed to create motion-pictures and other audiovisual projects that broaden the mind and uplift the spirit.

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HOW KIDS CAN BREAK INTO SHOWBIZ and KIDS WORKING IN SHOWBIZ are educational DVD's hosted by Susie Mains, a children's talent agent and manager in New York and Hollywood for more than 25 years. Her passion and success in discovering fresh young talent across the country have made her a top authority on ShowBiz kids.

Joining Susie are Industry Experts with good advice and fascinating stories that will help you understand what ShowBiz life is really like for children. Get valuable tips from successful child actors like Justin Cooper (Dennis the Menace Strikes Again and General Hospital), Danielle Fishel (Boy Meets World) and Will Estes (American Dream). Watch the casting process with Hollywood casting director Paul Ventura and find out how some jobs are lost before a child's audition even begins. Learn about safety and education from David Combs, a studio teacher who has schooled top child performers like Natalie Portman and Fred Savage. See what stage moms say about ShowBiz life and how it affects the family dynamic. And much, much more...

The kids, their parents, and industry experts take you on an incredible eye-opening journey, revealing what it takes to get and keep a child working in "the business."

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